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For Friendly advise & professional repairs on your cylinder head whether it be VINTAGE - LATE MODEL -LIGHT TRUCK - DIESEL - PETROL - 4WD - EUROPEAN - HARLEY - MOTORCYLCE - MARINE - PERFORMANCE ENGINES , Our fully equipped machine shop can handle all your needs.

Adelaide Cylinder Heads

Adelaide Cylinder Heads Specialist Pty Ltd

RECONDITIONING - RESTORING & SUPPLYING NEW CYLINDER HEADS & QUALITY ENGINE PARTS. Adelaide Cylinder Heads was established in 1991, is owned & operated by Blake & Gary. We employ a staff of 2 machinists & 2 welders & have 3 company's residing within our workshop on Port Rd Beverley South Australia, with ADELAIDE CYLINDER HEADS, JUST HEADS PERFORMANCE & ADELAIDE WELDING COMPANY. Adelaide Cylinder Heads is the main core of the business & we have a fully equipped workshop with the latest machinery dedicated to reconditioning all types of cylinder heads.

We weld, metal stitch, repair, bead blast, chemically clean, fabricate, modify & machine many types of manifolds, castings, thermostats, fittings & engine parts. Having the latest C.N.C SEAT PROFILING MACHINE allows us to machine any diameter seat to any angle, radius or profile that your head may require whether your chasing HORSEPOWER GAINS, machining your seats to FACTORY SPECIFICATIONS or are needing special seatrequirements. So if you are RESTORING A VINTAGE HEAD, having problems with your LATE MODEL HEAD ENGINE CONVERTING TO LPG OR UNLEADED PETROL, SERVICING A LIGHT TRUCK, working on a MOTORCYCLE OR MARINE ENGINE , our fully equipped workshop can cater for all your needs.

We offer a FREE DIGITAL HARDNESS CHECK which is important as alloy heads suffer hardness problems which can cause gasket failure if refitted. So this service will SAVE YOU TIME & MONEY $$$.. as we can tell you on the spot whether your head is soft & shouldn't be repaired. Estimating costs on repairs without seeing the head is always hard so we offer a TESTING & QUOTING, so once you have decided to bring the head to us we will test & check all the components plus give you a quote on the options of the repairs & parts required.

Once you give us the go ahead we will strive for THE BEST QUALITY REPAIRS with a FAST TURNAROUND too get you back on the road as soon as possible. Some engines only suffer from head gasket failure & we will be happy too advise you whether you need to fully recondition , replace your head or just do more of a BUDGET JOB where we digitally hardness test, pressure test or crack test, straighten ( if head is bent) machine the face, hot wash & vacuum test your valves.

All our WORKMANSHIP IS COVERED BY OUR WARRANTY but we do realise mistakes can be made while fitting so we will always do our best to fix the problem at the lowest cost possible with the least amount of down time. We stock a range of CHANGE OVER , BRAND NEW PETROL & DIESEL HEADS & if we don't stock it we will do our best to source it for you. So if you are looking for QUALITY CYLINDER HEADS & PARTS there's no need to look any further as we can to supply all the quality parts required to do the job.

We are not mechanics & do not perform the work removing & replacing heads but can recommend a fully qualified mechanic to perform the work for you. We do offer pick up & delivery to all areas whether you are in the CBD or in the country areas. We can provide a suitable courier service to your area. Our moto is BEST HEAD JOBS AROUND TOWN & we will strive to do the best job at a competitive price with honest advice & FAST TURNAROUND every time.

Just Heads Performance

Adelaide Cylinder Heads Specialist Pty Ltd

For all your PERFORMANCE MODIFICATIONS /Port & Polish, CNC seat profiling. Just Heads Performance is the performance side of our Cylinder Head Reconditioning business. We weld, chemically clean, pressure / crack test, bead blast, machine, fabricate & modify many types of engine parts. So whether its DRAGS - RALLY - BURNOUT - CIRCUIT - MUSCLE - STREET - DRIFTING - MOTORCYCLE or you're just looking for some more performance we'd love to put a smile on your dial.

We are proud to have the NEWEN BB CONTOUR MACHINE at our fingertips which is the latest CNC seat cutting machine that allows us to machine any diameter seat, angle, radius or profile that you may require to produce more performance out of your cylinder head. GOOD HORSEPOWER GAINS can be achieved by machining seat profiles that increase air flow which we can CUSTOM PROFILE to suit your engine.

Machining seats & throating out the ports too suit oversized valves is done with one profile to the dimensions you are requiring so every seat, seat height & profile is exactly the same so that all seats flow evenly. Porting & polishing cylinder heads & manifolds are all done by hand with a dye grinder with our range of specialized porting & polishing burrs.

We are fully equipped to machine all types of performance modifications including SCREW IN STUDS - VALVE SPRING LANDINGS - VALVES - VALVE STEM SEALS - VALVE GUIDES - CC CHAMBERS -MATCH PORTING MANIFOLDS We have a fully equipped welding shop where we can weld & modify INTERCOOLERS - MANIFOLDS - COVERS - ENGINE PARTS.

We can supply most of the PERFORMANCE PARTS you need as a package eg. ALLOY HEADS - VALVES - CAMSHAFTS - LIFTERS - VALVE SPRINGS - COLLETS - RETAINERS -STUDS -SEALS - MANIFOLDS then do all the performance modifications to your cylinder head in house. So if you’re looking for a quality performance job at a competitive price drop us a line.

Adelaide Welding

Adelaide Cylinder Heads Specialist Pty Ltd

For ALL TYPES OF WELDING / Alloy / Cast / Stainless / Bronze / MIG / TIG / OXY-ACET /Stelitting. At Adelaide Welding we specialize in alloy welding as most late model cars have alloy heads, manifolds, blocks, air con pipes, inter coolers & fittings which need welding due to corrosion, cracking, modifying & general wear & tear. All the cylinder heads are pressure tested to 100psi before & after welding repairs are performed so we GUARANTEE ALL OUR REPAIRS.

Because cylinder heads are subjected to heat, coolants, oils & because manufacturers cast the heads out of all different types of alloy they can be difficult to weld but over the years we have specialized our techniques so we can guarantee our repairs but we can't guarantee against further cracking, warping or failure due the engine being overheated or being subjected to forces greater than they have been manufactured for.

Maintenance & servicing your vehicle will always help to avoid engine failure & sometimes the cylinder head failure is a result of another problem not the cause & repairing the head will not fix the problem. We also do all types of other welding eg. Stelliting,stainless,, bronze, tig, mig, cast iron, arc. Older style cylinder heads, some diesel heads, exhaust manifolds & castings are made from cast iron & we have a spray cast iron welding torch that mixes cast iron particles with a flame which form a very strong bond when repairing cracks, defects & damage to these types of castings. We also have other methods of repairing cracks where we METAL STITCH them using a series of tapered plugs interlocked together.

All cast iron heads are MAGNETICALLY CRACK TESTED & PRESSURE TESTED before & after they have been repaired so our repairs are guaranteed. So if you think you have a problem with your cylinder head we can pressure test or crack test it & advise you if your head has any leaks or defects that can be repaired & give you a quote to repair them. We do some fabrication jobs & do all types of general welding repairs. So for great rates guaranteed repairs & honest advice drop us a line.

Adelaide Cylinder Heads Specialist Pty Ltd Adelaide Cylinder Heads Specialist Pty Ltd Adelaide Cylinder Heads Specialist Pty Ltd
Adelaide Cylinder Heads Specialist Pty Ltd Adelaide Cylinder Heads Specialist Pty Ltd Adelaide Cylinder Heads Specialist Pty Ltd Adelaide Cylinder Heads Specialist Pty Ltd Adelaide Cylinder Heads Specialist Pty Ltd